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Marshalltown QLT Soft Grip Finishing Trowel

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Create flat surfaces with this Marshalltown QLT finishing trowel featuring a rectangular blade. Comfortable to use and easy to manoeuvre, this tool is designed to help you smooth out materials like plaster, mortar and concrete before they cure or dry. The blade lets you reach into right angles and level out the surface of your mixture in straight lines.

This trowel has a tempered, polished carbon steel blade for exceptional durability and toughness. The handle is spot welded securely to the blade with a cast aluminium squared-off shank mounting. This means it won’t twist or turn while you’re using it, or make accidental grooves or gouges in your material as you swipe across it. There’s an ergonomic, soft grip handle so the tool will feel pleasant to use and soon become a toolkit favourite.

Polished steel rectangular blade
Durable and tough
Comfortable and light in use
Soft grip handle
Cast aluminium square shank mounting to prevent handle from turning
Blade size of 16″ x 4″


Pack Size: Each
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